Intelligent Systems Lab


We are looking for highly motivated students who are passionate about exploring unprecedented computing opportunities in human-centered problem space, and creating first-of-a-kind, smart, little but mighty systems to be interwoven with our real life. If you are interested, or would like to chat about any ideas, please just drop an email to Inseok at "inseokh at"


In our group, we together dream of fostering computing-rich human life without computers.

We strive to design and realize a myriad of novel holistic real-life experiences fueled by highly autonomous, cognitive, and ubiquitous agents, yet whose existence mostly stays submerged in our unconscious dimension.

In this light, our near-future mission is to create novel human-centered intelligent computing systems and applications to advance real-life human abilities and experiences, primarily at the intersection of mobile & pervasive computing, human-computer interaction, and applied machine learning. In these areas, our research is an interdisciplinary ensemble of computing systems, artificial intelligence, connected things, and real-life human factors -- including physical, emotional, cognitive & social aspects.

From systems perspective, we think-ahead, design, and optimize next-generation mobile/edge software platforms to accommodate highly usable machine intelligence and autonomously serve newly emerging real life-driven computing workloads as well as user demands. From applications & human-factor perspectives, we are enthusiastic about disrupting our real-life problems by building, deploying, and evaluating first-of-a-kind AI-powered computing applications in various domains of (but not limited to) health & wellbeing, family & childcare, aging & generational issues, and supporting underrepresented social groups.



  • (Dec. 2020) Our paper on AI-powered facilitator for inter-generational interaction has been conditionally accepted to ACM CHI 2021! More details will follow soon.

  • (Nov. 2020) Our paper on an intelligent wearable fitness assistant with hybrid "earable" and IoT sensors has been accepted to ACM SenSys 2020!

  • (Nov. 2020) Inseok will be serving on the TPC for ACM HotMobile 2021.

  • (Oct. 2020) Inseok will be serving as an Area TPC Chair for IEEE INFOCOM 2021.

  • (Oct. 2020) Inseok joins the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at POSTECH, as of October 2020.