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Beyond Telepresence & VR/AR: Future of Human Presence

Physical presence is the basis for our real-life existence, social activities, and live experiences. However, a global pandemic or physical impairments threaten such a basis, severely limiting our real-life ability, quality of life, and even economy. We envision new technologies and designs to innovate the conventional model of human presence, to augment and extend real-space human ability, and furthermore, to drive the transcendence beyond our natural-born constraints as physical beings.

Related Research (done, doing & dreaming):

  • Autonomous telepresence system with intelligent heterogeneous space fusion. [Paper] [Video #1, #2] [US Patent] [Best Demo Award @ MobiSys'19]

  • Para-real telepresence: No more being vicarious. Towards true on-site experiences

  • Alternative presence: Telepresence, AI, and crowd

Socio-physical Platforms & Applications:
Actionable Real-world Social Computing

Over the last decade, online social platforms opened up trillion-dollar businesses, reshaped the ways we meet & work, and even catalyzed new fields of science to emerge. We strive to unfold the next leap of social platforms, which are now homed in the real world, powered by tiny smart things on and around us, helping our real social life healthier & enjoyable, empowering us to interact in unprecedented ways, and providing new labs and markets to social scientists and entrepreneurs, respectively.

Related Research (done, doing & dreaming):

  • Mobile-cloud platform for infrastructure-less crowd localization & mass-scale social interactivity [Paper #1, #2] [Video] [US Patent #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8] [Media Coverage: NewSientist, IBM Research Blog] [Best Video Award @ MobiSys'17]

  • Pervasive smart mirror for open-ended facilitation of parental reflective functioning [Paper]

  • Wearable 24/7 intelligent agent for out-of-clinic care to remedy language development disorders [Paper #1, #2] [US Patent] [Best Paper Award @ CSCW'14]

  • Smart watch system to promote new workplace social memes [Paper] [Video]

  • AI-powered mobile instant memento system to close inter-generation gap

On-device & In-space AI:
Acceleration & Augmentation for Deep Pervasive Intelligence

These days, at every blink of an eye, we are witnessing a new advance of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. Imagine our body, personal space, and social space soon to be full of intelligent things and empowered by intelligent services. In this light, our missions are: (1) to spur the evolution of mobile & wearable computing platforms to accommodate machine learning principles and embodiments to be more efficient, usable, and interactive; (2) to premiere first-of-a-kind services powered by AI and deep learning on tiny platforms in various facets of our everyday life.

Related Research (done, doing & dreaming):

  • On-device CNN inference acceleration with mobile-native sensor fusion for AR applications [Best Poster Runner-up @ HotMobile'20] [US Patent]

  • A commodity surplus smartphone instantly making a dumb surface a near 3-dimensional input space [Paper] [US Patent #1, #2, #3]

  • Fast build-time for sluggish run-time? No more trade-off: Accelerating voice-enabled agents backed by proprietary cloud APIs [Paper] [US Patent]